Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Fictitious moments whence my mind drifts, this is a reality check…

On a new day, I set forth for the mundane routine. Head towards the sun, heavy smile on my cheeks, “it’s gonna be a great day.

I try to be as positive as can be, effortlessly strutting as I wave at my neighbors.

“Hello, Goodbye”, it’s gonna be a great day.

Half time still smiling. Sure my night was awesome! I’m always thrilled for the adventure a new day brings.

The sun is friendly today. Oh, and everyone is nice. On the news, it’s nothing but glad tidings.

Boy! Isn’t this amazing.

I said I was fine and I meant it, there’s no way today’s ending. Never have I been more pleased with monotony.

Dawn to dusk.

The moon comes out to brood. Oh well, today was good. Checklist the day's accomplishments and drift off to sleep with satisfaction; the smile on my face never fading.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, now hurry back to reality.